Nestled in the heart of the historical district of Reynoldsburg, Ohio,

Prost Beer & Wine Café dedicates itself to the art of local craft breweries and worldly wines. After renovating the historical volunteer fire station built in 1947,

we built the foundation on unique, approachable, and delicious food prepared daily; and a warm, edgy culture that brings everyone together.  With Awesome happy hours and great specials throughout the week. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy the make your visit a memorable....PROST!


Launched in 2014, with a constant changing wine list and tap line up, we hope to satisfy everyone's palate at our wine & craft beer bar in Reynoldsburg!

Why is Craft Beer Better?

We are dedicated to serving beers with higher quality, fresher, and local ingredients. We guarantee you never have to question what is in our beers, unlike macro beers which sometimes use additives such as corn syrup, caramel coloring, and propylene glycol alginate. Besides the hands-down higher quality craft beer has over macro beers, they also take the cake for variety. There is more selection, more styles, and more love that goes into creating crafts beers than any ‘big beer’. Just think about how many styles macro brewers like Anheiser-Busch and Miller-Coors make versus any craft brewer. Check out our ‘Beers’ page right now and we’ll more than likely have over ten different craft brews available at this moment, to suit any mood or any food. There’s a different flavor for everyone! 


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